Dental Chairs and Units

Danish design focussed on well being.

Heka Dental are international suppliers of ISO certisfied dental chairs and units. Since 1965, Heka Dental has developed quality products designed to deliver a pleasant and relaxed dental environment for patient and dentist alike. With production operations in Denmark and a carefully trained selection of distributors worldwide, Dentec works in collaboration with Heka Dental to distribute and service the needs of this high quality European range to dental practices across Australia and New Zealand.



The UNIC is a classic example of modern Danish design and functionality. With all instruments at hand, the dentist can work effectively and continuously without losing contact with the patient, creating a calm working atmosphere for the dentist and in turn, a reassuring and relaxing atmosphere for the patient. The considered design incorporating an all aluminum and stainless steel construction conceals anything that need not be visible. The result is a minimalist approach, transforming the aesthetics of the UNIC from a piece of working technology to a model of well-crafted furniture.


The UNICLine is a chair that is flexible which means for instance adaptation, therefore each dental unit is adapted to the individual dentist’s needs. Hekadental believe that there is no need to compromise with the materials, when you can choose a dental unit of aluminium casting - the security for a lifelong quality.
The compensating movements of the back rest and the seat as well as the integrated elbow support ensure that the patient sits comfortably during the whole treatment.

UNICLine Mobile
UNICLine Mobile

The UNICLine Mobile unit offers the ideal solution for dental care at military healthcare facilities, nursing homes, schools and emergency facilities. Effective for all mobile treatments without compromise, the UNICLine Mobile

can be assembled from box to fully operational within
15 minutes, presenting the same hygienic and ergonomic conditions as a stationary clinic.


Instrument table


Operation chair



Comfort care

A relaxed patient creates ideal working conditions for the dentist.
With this in mind UNIC’s maker’s created a treatment centre that
is comfortable for both dentist and patient. A dream to sit on and
a dream to work with, whether standing or sitting, you’ll be at ease.

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UNIC Modern Minimalist Design Package
UNICLINE Traditional Design Package
PILLAR Stand Alone Delivery System
CART Cart Delivery System
MOBILE Completely Portable Package

Heka Dental …… you’re in safe hands!

The epitome of ergonomic design; everything – instrument table,
trays, light, x-ray unit etc – is within easy reach. Heka Dental call
it intuitive design and functionality – everything is exactly where
you expect it to be, making even complex clinical procedures easier,
more efficient and comfortable for the patient and dental team.

Intelligent Control

The operator control pad located on the instrument arm compliments the minimalist design. The concept behind this unique control is to provide the operator with the required information for the task at hand. With total control at your fingertips, intelligence is an added bonus.

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Assistant touch pad

The instrument tables handle is fully integrated with UNICs display and touch pads. It is easy to find with both the eye and the hand - even when your attention is elsewhere. With a light touch, the suction stops, the operating light goes off and the patient s chair adjusts to  the rinsing position. Meanwhile the glass fills with water. With another light touch, the patients chair returns to its previous working position.

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Automatic Spittoon

The electronic swivel function swings
the spittoon in to easy reach for the
patient and then back into resting
position again... all with the touch
of a button.

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Balanced Spring Instrument

On the balanced spring model, each
instrument is perfectly balanced and
the extra-long silicone hoses ensure
ergonomically correct working postures.

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Unique control

The unique patented round foot
control can be activated from any
direction with either the left or right
foot, releasing the user
from any fixed working posture.

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Arm support

The UNIC has the optional feature
of an armrest. This is not standard;
however it can be easily added to
give patients that piece of extra
comfort and support.

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Multi-articulated headrest

Further promoting patient
and operator comfort, the
multi-articulating headrest
allows the operator to position
the patients head to the finest

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Easy cleaning

UNIC’s upholstery easily separates
from the chair for easy cleaning.
This allows thorough hygienic
cleanliness, without too much effort.

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Peerless perfection

Immediately eye-catching with its dynamic charisma, the Hekadental UNIC is the perfect solution to your quest for the ultimate treatment centre of European quality.

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The UNIC can be easily mounted with single trays, double trays and/or X-ray monitors. Giving you the freedom of choice to set up your work area how you want it.

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Minimalist on the surface

On UNIC, all that doesn’t need to be visible has been hidden away in a carefully thought out design. The instrument table is effectively minimalist without any superfluous techno-paraphernalia or unnecessary gadgets.

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Optimal Positioning

The Unicline SD can be adapted to right or left handed dental treatment. In essence, each Unicline is configured entirely to suit the individual needs of today’s dental professional.

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Optional Automatic Suction Hose Cleaning System

The unique Automatic Suction Hose Cleaning System is activated by simply pressing a touch pad. This enables the suction hoses to be disinfected, either between patients or continuously throughout the treatment session.

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Flexible Telescopic Arm

The Flexible Telescopic Arm can be adjusted to the optimum working position and can be delivered as standard with high and low volume suctions, with the option of an assistant’s triplex syringe and LED Polymerisation lamp.

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