Marus Dental Chairs & Units

When you buy right, you live right.

American quality dental chairs

All MARUS chairs are built with the dentist in mind. All metal construction, replaceable upholstery and operator programmable positions are just a few of the standard features on all MARUS chairs. MARUS also have safety down stops on all their chairs to promote safety and accident free operation. Combine these features with some of the most stylish and comfortable designs in the industry and you will understand why dentists and patients alike love MARUS.

Intelligent comfort and design

The streamlined design of MARUS chairs provides elegant patient comfort, further promoted by the use of Optional Memory Foam upholstery. Four user defined positions can be programmed into the chair via dual membrane touch-pads, giving complete flexibility to the dental professional. The double articulating headrest helps to keep the patient comfortable, and the dentist in optimal position.

Stellar value – functional comfort

Marus chairs are renowned for their affordability, without compromising quality. Their robust construction and American made quality ensure there are no possible side effects to the alluring ‘value for money’ price tag.


The MARUS MaxStar offers a complete state-of-the-art dental unit engineered around the practical needs of modern dentistry. You will appreciate the exceptional value.

•  Four operator/programmable positions
•  Electronic footswitch
•  Safety shut-off plate
•  Locking swivel with 60° rotation.


The Nustar dental chair represents stellar quality at a down to earth price.

•  Streamlined design
•  Robust construction
•  Swing-away armrests
•  Membrane touchpads
•  Dual articulating headrest


The all metal construction of
the ProStar chair coupled with
an electromechanical drive
mechanism, create a powerful,
yet affordable dental chair.

•  Electronic footswitch
•  Built in fuse/surge protection
•  All metal construction
•  Safety shut-off base plate

Marus Stools
Marus Stools

Doctor and assistant seating has been created with you in mind as well as patient comfort. Designed to minimize fatigue, our stools represent a comfortable option at an affordable price.

•  Sturdy aluminum base
•  Five dual-wheel casters
•  Vertically adjustable 


When you buy right, you live right.

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MAXSTAR Delivery Unit/Chair Ensemble
NUSTAR Delivery Unit/Chair Ensemble
ORBIT Delivery Unit/Chair Ensemble
MARUS CHAIRS Stand Alone Patient Chairs
MARUS LIGHTS Operating Lights

MARUS… when you buy right you live right

Our Marus dental chairs & units will provide you with the best value
in the industry. The functionality and eye appeal promote Marus
as the definite the best buy for your practice.


The MARUS Cart selection includes a Doctor's Cart, Doctor's and Assistant's Cart, Economy Cart, Assistant's Cart, and a Dual Purpose Cart. Each is built to the high quality standards of all Marus products and provides optimum convenience and function.

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Double articulating headrest

The MARUS dental chairs & units' double articulating headrest allows precise patient positioning.

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LuxStar Lights

Available in multiple mounting variations, the LuxStar Light provides high intensity and Kelvin with an aesthetically pleasing design.

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Cuspidor with class

The MaxStar cuspidor is as stylish as it is functional. The extra bowl depth eliminates splashing, while the finely finished porcelain is easy to clean and resists staining.

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Contoured Floorbox

MARUS Floorboxes are stylish
and minimal, covering up without
needlessly detracting from the
contoured lines of the chair.

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Plush upholstery

For the discerning dentist,
MARUS chairs have a plush upholstery
range, guaranteed to help
you raise the aura of your clinic.

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