Murray Dental Stools & Chairs

The Mark of Quality

The name

Murray Equipment Ltd is a long established and well respected company
within the dental and medical industries, manufacturing medical and dental
stools for over 50 years. Murray have an extensive range of ergonomically
designed seating to reduce back and shoulder pain for operatives.

Handmade dental technology

Murray's seating is handmade at their factory in Chichester, therefore they
only make to order. With a range of optional extras and a wide choice of
colours, you have the flexibility to purchase the seating that you need to meet
your exact specification. Murray’s provide a five year guarantee across
their range.

Why Murrays for your clinic?

It is proven that a good sitting position will reduce daily fatigue and long term
RSI problems, therefore reducing sick days, which in the long term will reduce
costs. Murrays are committed to ensuring that operatives get the correct type
of seating for their specific daily tasks. With this in mind, should you have a
requirement for several chairs, we are happy to bring a selection of seating
to your premises to enable staff to assess which chair is most suitable.

Gemini range
Gemini range

The Gemini range offers excellent value for money. The high model designed for the nurse/assistant has a height range of 550 to 730mm measured from the floor to the centre of the seat. It has an adjustable foot ring and a swing around backrest which can be rotated 360 degrees around the seat. It also has a ratchet system which allows the backrest to be moved across the seat. The Gemini for the surgeon is fully adjustable for height, tilt and back rake. 

Advance range
Advance range

The Advance is the most popular
range. Available as a high model
with chrome plated adjustable foot
rest and circular seat, this model is
ideal for the nurse/assistant. 

A standard height stool is
available for the surgeon with
lumbar support backrest and 
ergonomically shaped seat to give 
the operator the correct working 
position. There is multi backrest 
adjustment and the seat can be 
angled forward on the dentist’s
model. A well priced, very versatile
range suitable for the total dental
team. It can also be supplied with
a circular seat and no backrest.

Posture Range
Posture Range

The formed seat on the Posture stool is cut away at the front edge to allow the operator to get close to the patient’s chair. The seat and backrest adjust independently. It is possible to angle the seat forward as well as adjust the height and rake of the backrest.

Zodiac range
Zodiac range

The Zodiac features include a
circular seat measuring 400mm
in diameter with 90mm dense
foam filling. The unique shaped
backrest can be used as an arm
rest as well as a backrest and
can be adjusted for depth.
The chrome plated backrest bar
is angled for maximum comfort.

Saddle seat
Saddle seat

Saddle seats help you to maintain
an upright posture when sitting.
Feet are placed flat on the floor
at a greater width than with
conventional seating. The weight
of the legs is taken through the
feet. The upper body is stabilized
accordingly. The pelvis is held
securely in a natural position.
The standard upholstery colour
is black, however alternate colors
can be chosen.

Laboratory chair
Laboratory chair

Available as a high model with foot
ring, or as a standard height chair,
both chairs have a sculptured seat
which can be adjusted for height
and forward tilt. The backrest can
also be adjusted for height and rake.
This is an extremely comfortable
chair when used over long periods
of time. 

Murray Stools

Murray Equipment – Mark of Quality

Model Description Add to Enquiry List
ADVANCE Advance Range Operatory Stools
GEMINI Gemini Range Operatory Stools
POSTURE Posture Range Operatory Stools
ZODIAC Zodiac Range Operatory Stools
SADDLE Specialist Saddle Seat
LABORATORY Specialist Laboratory Stool

Swing around backrest

Ideal for the nurse, the backrest has
the capability to rotate 360 degrees
around the circular seat. It can be
used as an armrest as well as a
backrest. There is also a ratchet
system which allows the backrest
to move horizontally across
the seat.

The mechanism used by Murray’s
is uniquely smooth and quiet.

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Lumbar support backrest

All lumbar support backrests on
Murray stools are fully adjustable,
both for height and rake. They can
be locked into any position, or left
free floating. Rubber protection is
fitted around the edge of the backrest
and seat on most Murray stools to
give extra protection and to stop the
vinyl from getting damaged.

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Optional circular seat

Murray fit a 400mm diameter seat
with 90mm thickness. The foam used
is vacuum molded from their own
tooling to ensure a perfect size and
finish every time.

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Optional sculptured seat

A number of different shaped seats can be supplied, all designed to give maximum support to the buttocks, but also reduce pressure on the thigh muscle. This is achieved by being able to tilt the seat forward.

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Foot ring

Murrays have a stainless foot ring supplied as standard with high cylinder. However, it can be supplied as an optional extra on a standard height cylinder.

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Naughyde upholstery

All Naugahyde upholstery vinyl used is contract standard; it meets or exceeds the latest fire retardancy specifications and is latex free.

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Polished aluminium base

An optional extra that can be
fitted to enhance the appearance
in areas where the cream base
is not appropriate.

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Adjustable arms

A basic arm that is height adjustable
via a ratchet system. As an upgrade,
it can also be provided with a swivel
action upholstered the same colour
as the chair. Available on Five Star,
Posture and Gemini Ranges.

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Stainless steel fully
adjustable arm

Enables the arm to extend forward or wrap around in front of the operative to provide an elbow rest. The arm is height adjustable with a good range, also removable. These arms provide total flexibility and can be purchased individually if required. Available on Five Star, Posture and Gemini Ranges.

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Foot height control

This is an optional extra that
enables the height range of
the seat to be adjusted with
the foot, instead of a hand
lever, ideal for use when in
scrubs. This can be fitted to
all models.

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Tilt facility

The seat pad tilts back and forth
to enable pelvic movement, which
helps promote a good neutral spinal
position. On all models where
applicable,except the SGEM-GT,
the back rest and the seat pad can
be independently adjusted and used
in a free floating or locked position. 

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Back rest rake adjustment

This is a spring loaded adjustable movement. It may be in a free floating position which means, as the operative leans back and forth, the back rest will move with him / her, providing continuous support. Alternatively ,it can be locked into position.

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