Ultrasonic Baths

Because clean matters

A reputation for quality and a commitment to extensive research and development have been the driving forces behind L&R’s success for over 80 years. They are the acknowledged leader in Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and Solutions, and continue to develop new technology and applications everyday.

From L&R’s standard Quantrex® Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems to the advanced SweepZone® Technology line, L&R are setting the standard in ultrasonics for others to follow. L&R’s machines and solutions are designed to provide you with maximum reliability and superior performance.

A history of excellence and a future of continued innovation in ultrasonic cleaning—L&R Ultrasonics

SweepZone® Technology

L&R’s SweepZone technology uses "Smart Circuit," a custom-engineered electronic component that creates Constant Power Output (CPO) for consistent, uniform cleaning. This technology incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which enables SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems to sense cleaning loads, solution level and voltage fluctuations. What does that mean? L&R’s SweepZone cleaning systems automatically adjust to different conditions to create uniform cleaning power—eliminating hot spots and weak areas.

SweepZone systems:

• Use a special cleaning wave of +/- 2KHz energy that

   sweeps back and forth through the tank

• Provide complete cavitation

• Provide aggressive cleaning action

• Are backed by our unprecedented 2 1/2 year warranty

SweepZone 200

Timer and drain standard. Most popular tank size in the dental industry. Offers multi-task flexibility to clean both instruments and dentures simultaneously.

SweepZone 310

Description: Timer and drain come standard. Fan cooled. Perfect size for growing dental/medical practices. Also available in a recessed version (310R).

Quantrex® Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Powerful systems for effective cleaning.

The Quantrex Ultrasonic Cleaning System line provides super-strength cleaning every time.  Versatile enough for a variety of cleaning applications.  When used with L&R’s specialty formulated solutions, the self-contained, compact unit offers efficient trouble-free cleaning.  Each Quantrex machine comes standard with increased power…strength you can see as soon as you turn the unit on.

Increased power, cleans quietly

Perfect for countertop use

Optional Heater

60 Minute Timer

Full line of accessories available for all your cleaning needs

ETL-CAN/US,CE approved

ISO 9001:2008

Constructed with vinyl-clad steel and stainless steel

Fourteen quality inspection steps for strength and durability

Equipped with stainless steel drain with multi-positional outlet for easy removal of solution (excluding the Q90)

2 ½ year warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship