MEDISAFE Washers Disinfectors

The Pico Series

MEDISAFE Washer Disinfectors 

Quality & standard compliant

MEDISAFE Washer Disinfectors are manually manufactured in the UK to stringent quality standards. Each Pico fully satisfies process requirements outlined in HTM 01-05. The range is also compliant with EN ISO 15883 and EN1717, ensuring you clean, disinfect and dry dental instruments to the highest or “best practice” decontamination standards.

Simple, safe, fast and reliable

Pico automated washer disinfectors thoroughly clean and disinfect inside
and out, demonstrating compliance with documented best practice.
Pre-programmed cycles allow one-touch operation, further improving
MEDISAFES extremely efficient cycle times and repeatability. In addition,
each cycle can be validated and documented to provide permanent record
of your decontamination.

One touch safety

Simply load the instruments to be cleaned and touch start.
The fully automated process means that you simply press 
one button. After the remarkably fast cycle, a reassuring
beep lets you know thatthe decontamination process
has been completed. 

Pico Flush Plus
Pico Flush Plus

Ideal for small or expanding dental, medical and healthcare practices, this bench-top model houses the patented Pulse Lumen Flushing system. This system provides powerful cleaning for hollow or lumened devices. Handpieces are cleansed thoroughly inside and out, guaranteeing complex/critical instruments are free from soil residue.

Pico XL
Pico XL

The Pico XL and XXL both offer the same features and outstanding cleaning efficacy of the bench-top Pico in an under counter configuration - therefore the larger surgery has greater capacity for instrument reprocessing. Designed with the busy dental practice in mind, the XL and XXL (45cm and 60cm wide respectively) features a dedicated handpiece washing/disinfection facility, hot and cold water filling, as well as automatic dosing of detergent and water balance solution.

Pico XXL
Pico XXL

Exactly the same as the Pico XL model, the only difference being 60cm wide and with a larger capacity. Ideal for large dental, medical and surgical practices.


Universal handpiece connector

The unique handpiece connector works together with the
Pulse Lumen Flushing system to clean the internal working
parts of up to 12 complex handpieces. Re-contamination
is prevented through a series of channels of fine mesh filters.

Model Description Add to Enquiry List
Pico Flush + Bench-top Washer Disinfector with drying - MED 1700
Pico XL Freestanding Washer Disinfector with drying - MED 1316
Pico XXL Freestanding Washer Disinfector with drying - MED 1315


The MEDISAFE data logger allows simple HTM 01-05 traceability compliance, recording and storing cycle information onto memory cards. Transfer data onto a PC and it can then be exported into standard Microsoft Office applications. MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad.

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Instrument cassettes used as part of the cross infection/ decontamination process are compatible with all washer disinfectors/ultrasonic’s and autoclaves. Instruments are secured in place, carefully providing a protective grip on the instruments during both decontamination and instrument storage.

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