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Dental Hygiene Specialists

World-leading Dental Technology

Steelco continues to grow and enhance its international reputation in
healthcare through its strategy of investment in product development.
We are proud to be the Australasian distributors of the fine Washer
disinfector range from this world leading company in infection control.

This small-medium range of washer disinfectors is at the forefront
of the latest research and technology, resulting in consistently tested
and efficient washing performance. The range offers to customers
a large choice of machines, baskets and inserts, all specifically
designed to meet different specialist needs.

Steelco quality approved products are designed to satisfy
all customer expectations without compromise.

Risk elimination

Steelco Dental Washer Disinfectors are an efficient aid for the cleaning and
thermal disinfection of all dental instruments and accessories. By using Steelco
Dental Washer Disinfectors, the dental professional ned only take care of the
loading of the material and the selection of the cycle: all the rest – pre-wash,
washing, thermal disinfection, hot air drying – is provided by the machines.
At the end of the cycle, all the instruments are ready for sterilisation without
any further handling.

Standard compliant

Steelco Washer Disinfectors are designed and constructed to comply with the
latest European and UK guidelines on decontamination. EN ISO 15883-1/2
and HTM 2030. Steelco Washer Disinfectors are classified CE Medical Device
(Community rule 93/42 CEE) code nr. 0051.


Bench-top Washer Disinfector with powerful, built in, filtering air drying system. Ideal for use in small dental and healthcare practices. 

DS 50/2 DRS
DS 50/2 DRS

Bench-top Washer Disinfector with pass through and powerful built in filtering air drying system. Ideal for small dental practices, day surgery centres and other healthcare practices.

DS 500 CL
DS 500 CL

Under counter washer disinfector with filtered forced air drying system on two levels, with adjustable time and temperature setting. LCD display with 40 adjustable washing programs for dental and medical instruments. Ideal for use in larger dental, medical and surgical centres.

DS 600 C
DS 600 C

Freestanding, front loading washer disinfector with Injection system and filtered forced air drying system, with adjustable time and temperature setting. LCD touch control system with colour panel to visualise cycle status. 20 Standard programs and 20 additional custom programs are available. Ideal for large dental, medical and surgical centres including hospitals.


Easy detergent loading

The easy access detergent port on the DS 50 DRS
makes day to day operation easy and efficient.

Model Description Add to Enquiry List
DS 50 DRS Bench-top Washer Disinfector with drying
DS 50/2 DRS Pass-through Bench-top Washer Disinfector with drying
DS 500 CL Freestanding Washer Disinfector with drying
DS 600 C Freestanding Washer Disinfector with injection and drying

Glass viewing window

The optional glass viewing window provides you with an insight as to the cycle progress complimenting the screen display, which indicates at each stage the type of program and temperature.

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Hot air drying

High level disinfection and hot air
drying in less than 60 minutes for
increased practice efficiency.
The hot air drying system with
F-class air filter facilitates the total
elimination of remaining water, both
inside and outside instruments.

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Stainless steel

Chamber and spray arms are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316L to withstand high temperatures and intense chemical reactions.

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DS 600 C – USB Port

The optional integrated USB port on the DS 600 C is housed protectively inside the drawer. This can be used to download historical cycle data and to install software upgrades

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2 Level detergent storage

A two level detergent storage
compartment can be added
as an option to the DS 500 CL,
along with a water purification

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A comprehensive range of accessories is available, including baskets, inserts and trays for all dental applications.

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